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Every holiday or family event has the same request year after year:

Southern Style Banana Pudding. 


The nostalgia of eating homemade southern style scratch desserts as a kid, has influenced my decision to expand our table in this time-honored tradition. Grandma's house was located in Albany, GA. 


Although masked as a surprise, in this sweltering hot home.  One can always smell the very subtle lingering scent of vanilla fused with peaches, molasses or butter. The rich, decadent desserts made you smile on the inside and for this reason, a single serving was never enough.


It is this memory and tradition that made Chef Mike embark upon a journey of initially becoming a pastry chef. Although this journey began with pastries and progressed into culinary arts, his passion for recreating and sharing this southern experience, has served as the inspiration behind OG Desserts - Love at First Bite!

In 2014, at the heart of the conscious food movement, the Organic & Gourmet brand opened OG Sliders-Cupertino, serving only the best

sustainably and locally grown and harvested produce

along with antibiotic and hormone free meat. 

OG Sliders quickly became a local favorite.


We use every opportunity to ensure sustainability beyond food by
partnering with other local businesses to source ingredients, purchase specialty items wholesale and gluten-free options.


We are committed to using the best ingredients and serving you delicious, handcrafted baked goods. We have used the same recipes for generations, keeping true to the original creations and signature products you know and love-welcome to our table. 

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